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Get married in Nevada in our hot air balloon!

Intimate wedding ceremonies performed year round in the "Chapel of Peace & Heavenly Views" over northern Nevada's beautiful Carson Valley.

Wedding Couple

Our intimate hot air balloon weddings are tailored towards couples wishing to have a simple, unique and memorable wedding ceremony.

Our non-denominational wedding flights are available once a day, early mornings only. Hot air balloon weddings take place with the bride, groom, pilot (officiate) and one witness. We will provide a witness if necessary. If you have a minister you'd prefer, by all means have him/her perform the ceremony. In this case, the pilot will serve as your witness. The cost of our balloon wedding is $1,125.00.

Your wedding day starts early, soon after sunrise...

After we've all met, we'll depart for the days launch location where we'll assemble and inflate the balloon. Once inflated, it will be just minutes before we lift off.

We'll climb slowly for the first 15 minutes of the flight to give you time to "soak up" the views and get accustomed to the flight. Once we've reached our "cruising altitude", we'll perform your ceremony which usually takes less than five minutes.

Once the ceremony is completed, the mood typically lightens up - no more wedding jitters - and you'll have the rest of the flight to enjoy the scenery, ask questions and enjoy yourselves.

After about an hour in the air, we'll find a place to land, deflate and pack up the balloon. While we're doing this, you'll be sipping champagne or sparkling cider. Once the balloon is packed away, we'll drive back to our meeting location for a celebratory toast and signing of the marriage certificate.


You are responsible for acquiring a Nevada Marriage License prior to any wedding ceremony. Click here for a Nevada wedding license application.

  • We offer ONE wedding flight per day soon after sunrise.
  • Reservations are required at least 72 hours in advance.
  • We meet passengers at Lampe Park in Gardnerville.
  • Complimentary champagne, sparkling cider and other beverages
  • Complimentary transportation from landing site to meeting location
    (you don't think we'd leave you out there do you?)
  • Flights are planned to last one hour, but please allow 3 hours for the entire experience.
  • No children under the age of 7 or under 42 inches tall.
  • If you don't show up for your scheduled flight, we will charge your card 100% of fares.
  • There is room in the gondola for your backpack, camera bag, or the jackets and sweaters that often get shed floating in the warm sunshine. There's also a nice cushion seat in our basket that seats two people comfortably without sacrificing the views!


Wedding in the Sky!!!

Taking that step towards the rest of our lives together, we decided to exchange vows in the sky!! Well, in a Hot Air Balloon floating in the sky above the picturesque community that is Gardnerville Nevada. After searching the web, we contacted Balloon Nevada and spoke with the Pilot Whit, and that started the adventure that was destined to change our lives forever!!

There is nothing like floating over the earth in the peaceful graceful quiet of a hot air balloon. Add to that your soul mate and the promise of a life together. Then there is Whit, the pilot who performed the ceremony where we committed our lives to one another, Stacy our witness and photographer during the ceremony and you have a combination that is more than just memorable.

From the moment we met Whit and Stacy, it was as if we had been friends forever. We connected instantly. Maybe it was the joy and anticipation of exchanging our vows, or the beauty and inspiration of watching the balloon come to life, that created a bond between all of us. Whit and his crew were amazingly relaxed and efficient as they assembled the balloon for flight, every step of the process added to the anticipation of taking to the skies in the basket that was to become our marriage carriage….

The flight was a mixture of awe inspiring views and delightful maneuvers. Almost amazing enough to make us forget why we were there… to get MARRIED!!! Well maybe not, but the time spent seeing the sights and getting to know the abilities of the balloon and our amazing pilot made It worth the wait. All too soon we reach that perfect spot in the heavens where we could allow the balloon to float and exchange our vows. The beauty of our environment brought special meaning to the words we exchanged, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the basket as our Pilot and new friend announced to the world that we were married!!

There is no better way to start the rest of your life than flying the skies in a hot air balloon from Balloon Nevada. We recommend them because the flight was spectacular and the landing soft and smooth, but also because the Balloon Nevada crew and pilot are great people who bring their own personality and sense of humor to the experience.

wedding vows
Rick and Sherrie

-- Rick and Sherrie Alexander

Kori & Don

Whit from Balloon Nevada provided us with the perfect wedding ceremony. We were looking for something non-traditional, but still memorable and intimate. We had no idea that he would provide so much more. The views are spectacular and the setting so serene. We couldn't imagine a better place to exchange vows. Everyone should get married up in the sky!

Thank you so much for making our day special,
-- Kori & Don

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to discuss your balloon wedding ideas.